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The Face of Vandalism: Who are Vandals?

Vandals come from all walks of life, causing both intentional and unintentional damage to property. Who's to blame for the most common forms of vandalism? Let's take a look.

Juveniles – Whether looking to cause some mischief by smashing mailboxes and egging houses or looking for a secluded spot to drink or do drugs, juveniles cause a great deal of property damage as they express themselves and experiment. Shopping centers with parapet roofs are popular nighttime hangouts thanks to the walls which hide the kids from sight.

Taggers and Gang Members – Taggers and gang members express themselves, issue warnings, and mark their turf with tags and graffiti. Tags and graffiti tend to attract more of the same, requiring a prompt cleanup.

Activists – Though they may mean well, activists often cause significant amounts of property damage as they scrawl their messages in public places. Even hanging a sign from a building's roof could cause significant damage to the roof's surface.

Transients – Again, parapet rooftops with their high walls provide a place to stay out of sight. While some transients may be looking for a relatively safe place to sleep, others may be looking for copper wire that they can cash in at the local metal scrap yard.

Thieves – Thieves cause a lot of property damage simply trying to break in – that's why it's called breaking and entering. From breaking windows and doors to stomping on the roof in search of a rooftop entry point to stealing copper wire from exterior electrical conduits and air conditioners, thieves are responsible for a great deal of vandalism.

Because vandals are so varied, few communities are untouched by vandalism. Your building could be targeted for any number of reasons. It could attract teens, transients, and thieves simply because of its parapet roof; if it's in a highly visible area, activists and taggers may find it an attractive location to publicize their messages; and if your business is controversial in any way, activists may protest it through acts of vandalism.

No matter who caused the damage or why, if your commercial or residential property has been struck by vandals, the damage could be far worse than it looks. Contact us today for a free, onsite consultation.