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Three Signs the Vandalism is Worse than You Thought

As you approach your building, the signs that it's been vandalized become readily apparent. Broken glass, graffiti, beer bottles, and dismantled signage and equipment may greet you. At first, the damage doesn't look too overwhelming. However, it could be worse than you think. Below are three signs that the vandalism could be more costly to repair than you thought.

  • The vandalism took place on your building's roof. Whether the vandals accessed the rooftop to do drugs, tag the building, or steal copper wire, if the act took place on your building's roof, the roof itself could be severely damaged. Shards of glass from broken beer bottles could puncture tiny holes into your roof, causing major roof leaks. Roof damage is common whenever careless individuals walk around on rooftops. In addition, damage to walls and electrical conduits is also common when vandals attempt to climb to the roof.
  • Your building's walls feature a modified bitumen material with a granulated surface. These surfaces are extremely difficult to blast off paint without causing further damage or scarring, making them much more expensive to repair than most people realize.
  • Vandals have "carved" or spray painted graffiti into an air conditioning unit's soft metal coil. While it may be possible to clean spray paint off of the coil, it's an expensive repair. Coils with carved tagging typically need to be replaced, and if a coil can't be located, the entire air conditioning system may need to be replaced.

Whether you think the damage is straightforward or complex, it doesn't hurt to have a public insurance adjuster take a look. With a free, no cost consultation, you can find out if your claim needs our expertise. Give us a call today.