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Vandalism Services

We offer comprehensive insurance claim services to commercial and residential property owners who have suffered from acts of vandalism. Whether your shopping center has been tagged, your rooftop equipment "carved" or pilfered of copper wire, or your windows smashed with rocks, the damage related to the act could be worse than it appears. Our vandalism services are designed with your best interests in mind with a goal of claiming every single loss you have suffered.

  • Comprehensive insurance claim help – We handle everything related to your claim including paperwork, phone calls, and other claim-related correspondence with your insurance company.
  • Complete vandalism documentation – In order to obtain full compensation for your losses, you must prove those losses. We thoroughly document your claim, supporting it with detailed diagrams, digital photos, video, roof inspections, and other resources. We know what to look for and where to look for vandalism claims of all types.
  • Accurate estimates – Even if your insurance company agrees that a loss is legitimate, it's not unusual for estimates to come in too low. By having a public adjuster on your side, you can counter low estimates with realistic ones. We use local building codes and costs as well as industry-leading estimating software to ensure accurate, "real world" estimates. We work with your insurance company's claims adjuster to resolve any disputes.
  • Thorough presentations – As part of our service, we create a detailed package outlining and supporting your entire claim and then present it to your insurance company.
  • Complete support – We work for you, on your behalf, and support you completely throughout the process.

If your property has been targeted by vandals, teenagers, thieves, or transients, the damage could be worse than it appears. Contact us today for a free, onsite consultation.